Road bike category race results April 25, 2021, Woodbridge Bay to Colihaut and back.

Finalists of the Dominica Cycling Association’s third race of the 2021 season. First place Levi Baron, second place Ajaniah Casimir and Chester Letang third.

1Levi BaronMasters01:49:40 3085
2Ajaniah CasimirCadet01:49:42 2777
3Chester LetangMasters01:52:322584
4Enock TelemarqueMasters01:52:332451
5Hayden MillsMasters02:01:452347
6Brently CelestineDNF00
7Telmon LucienEliteDNF00
8Sherwin EttieneDNF00
9Kevon BoydEliteDNF022

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