Kohath Baron tops the first race of the season

By Kendra Stephen

Kohath Baron of the Street Falcons Cycling Club took first place in The Dominica Cycling Association’s inaugural race of the 2022 season, May 15th, 2022. Baron finished with a time of 01:16:37, and his father Levi finished second with a time of 01:23:00. Ronald Charles finished third with a time of 01:31:32.

Sagicor General sponsored the event, dubbed the Sagicor General Race, which started at 10 AM. Thirteen riders represented the “Fast n Furious” and the “Street Falcons” cycling clubs as well as the association’s two new clubs, “Moune Sewye n Jimmit Speeders” and Bishie Bike Life. The Kalinago Cycling Club has been a force in past races but did not compete in the 2022 opening race.

The route was from Ma Boyd’s Bar and Restaurant to the Canefield Airport Roundabout and back six times for cyclists with road bikes. Cyclists with mountain bikes competed along the same route and were required to complete three laps.

The DCA wishes to thank all who made the event a success and would like to express condolences to the family, management, staff, and friends of Josephine Gabriel & Co. Ltd., who has been an avid sponsor of national competitions in Dominica over the years.

The next race is scheduled for Sunday, May 22nd, 2022, at 10 AM from MaBoyd’s Bar and Restaurant to Layou and back twice.

Road Bikers
Kohath BaronElite01:16:37
Levi BaronMasters01:23:00
Ronald CharlesMasters01:31:32
Hayden MillsMasters01:35:34
Benjamin DanielMasters01:50:49
Mountain Bikers
Dante Peters01:02:00
Dunstan Maggi Peters01:03:02
Evan John Charls01:06:35

Author: dominicacycling

Overview Cycling is a growing form of transportation and recreation for Dominicans, and a significant portion of the population take advantage of the health and environmental benefits. The Dominica Cycling Association is leading the way as this trend develops as a sport. Mission To encourage and promote safe cycling in Dominica as a sport through education, training, and race facilitation, and to develop current and future cyclists for competition at the national, regional, and international levels while attracting spectators and participants to the nature isle.

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