Mountain bike category race results July 18th 2021. Woodbridge Bay to Salisbury and back.

Finalists of the Dominica Cycling Association race in the mountain bike category, July 18th 2021. L-R Brently Celestine first place, and Curlson Pioche.
1Brently Celestine1:27:00
2Curlson Pioche1:28:00

Author: dominicacycling

Overview Cycling is a growing form of transportation and recreation for Dominicans, and a significant portion of the population take advantage of the health and environmental benefits. The Dominica Cycling Association is leading the way as this trend develops as a sport. Mission To encourage and promote safe cycling in Dominica as a sport through education, training, and race facilitation, and to develop current and future cyclists for competition at the national, regional, and international levels while attracting spectators and participants to the nature isle.

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