Road bike category race results for July 26, 2020

Woodbridge Bay to Layou, to Pointe Michelle, back to Layou and back to Woodbridge Bay


PositionNameTimePointsTotal Points
1Kohath Baron1:54:113060
2Levi Baron2:05:432751
3Ajani Casimir2:05:462525
4Hayden Mills 2222
5Telmon Lucien 2020
6Phillip Eugene2:30:131942
7Ronald Charles 1818
8Enock Telemarque DNF 
9Geno Willgame DNF 
10Medrio Fredrick DNF 

Author: dominicacycling

Overview Cycling is a growing form of transportation and recreation for Dominicans, and a significant portion of the population take advantage of the health and environmental benefits. The Dominica Cycling Association is leading the way as this trend develops as a sport. Mission To encourage and promote safe cycling in Dominica as a sport through education, training, and race facilitation, and to develop current and future cyclists for competition at the national, regional, and international levels while attracting spectators and participants to the nature isle.

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